Športno kulturno društvo



Javorje lies on a south-facing slope in the midst of the Brkini hills, along the Obrov–Prem road which joins the Rijeka – Trieste main road in the village of Obrov. Javorje has a linear settlement pattern, with houses built in lines along the road cutting across the slope that form a single long street. The exception is the new houses which were built slightly further away from the road. The older houses are made of grey stone and feature a large white cornerstone that prevents damage to the house. The villagers of Javorje call this type of stone »babe«. The term found in the Dictionary of Slovenian Language is »opestnik«. The village is mainly built on flysch soil. The typical karst characteristics can only be found in the area to the south of the village, in the direction of the village of Obrov, and to the west, at the brink of the blind valley named Jezerina. Two streams run across the valley, namely Perilo and Torkov potok, and disappear into sinkholes. Due to the high altitude of the village and the Čičarije hills, blocking the sea air currents, Javorje has a continental climate. From the viewpoint near the church, a beautiful view opens up towards Mount Snežnik, the peaks of the Čičarija hills and many Brkinian villages.